General Dentistry

Healthy dental habits are crucial for overall health. At Grove Dental, our skilled dentistry team is well-trained in general dentistry services and care. Whether you need to come in for a routine teeth cleaning or a dental checkup, our Grove Dental team provides a wide range of general dentistry services for patients of every age. 

As part of our comprehensive services, our dentists provide the following:

What our patients say

"My husband needed to find an oral surgeon to have a few teeth extracted. We were referred to Dr. Smith at Grove Dental Associates from our primary dentist in the same building. Dr. Smith is an outstanding oral surgeon, he made the procedure as painless as possible with proper sedation. The recovery and healing of the gums was excellent. If we need an oral surgeon in the future, Dr. Smith will be the one to do it. The experience with this oral surgeon was excellent."

Patient of Grove Dental, Google Reviews

"Great Kids Dentist and Ortho!! NOW, KEEP IN MIND, I DRIVE 45 MINUTES TO THIS OFFICE, AND I HAVE 4 ORTHODONTISTS WITHIN A 5 MINUTE DRIVE FROM MY HOME! After a horrible experience with a quack dentist, we switched to Dr. Chung. She was amazing with my children, even the 3yr old, and they love her. Next: 2 of my sons see the orthodontist there, Dr. Patel. No complaints whatsoever! The staff has made it clear that I am always welcome to speak to him about any questions or concerns. The woman who handles orthodontist billing was so knowledgeable about the insurance procedures and always got back to me quickly with any phone calls. Last: The two woman who work scheduling are so cute and friendly. They know I'm a busy mom of 4 and they go out of their way to coordinate all our appointments."

Patient of Grove Dental, Google Reviews

"I have been using Grove Dental for over 15 years, and am very pleased with them. I went to them because I had some tooth pain, and I wanted them to check it out. They determined it may be a damaged nerve, and I needed root canal surgery. Saw the endodontist the next week, and he performed the procedure. They are very good to work with. Very successful. Root canal went well, and no more pain. Their new offices have the most up to date equipment, and staff is very good to work with."

Patient of Grove Dental, Google Reviews

"Dr. Tyson Frenzel is good and efficient and is pain free. He has a good bedside manner. The office is friendly. They have a lot of doctors there. I have been with him for over twenty years now. They have a wonderful pediatric dentist also. My kids grew up going there."

Patient of Endodontic Associates, Google Reviews