Insurance Information

How Dental Insurance Works at Grove

At Grove Dental, our insurance department or treatment coordinators discuss insurance with you after you’ve seen the doctor and received a diagnosis with recommended treatment. As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your insurance claims for you. We accept all traditional insurance plans, and some PPO type plans (participation varies by Grove location and by provider). Grove Dental also accepts cash, checks and credit cards. Grove Dental does not participate in any Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Many of our patients are pleased to utilize out of network benefits for service received at Grove.

What We Need from You

When you come into Grove the first time, we ask that you bring one COMPLETED insurance form with you. Your benefits are in the form of a contract between your employer (or group) and a third-party carrier, to which Grove Dental Associates is not a party. While we will attempt to estimate your benefits for you, please remember that you are ultimately responsible to pay the remaining balance after insurance claims are paid, regardless of whether or not the benefit was less than the expected claim.